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vendredi 8 avril 2016

Brasserie la Béstia, Chanac

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Life is made of moments. I live for little moments in life. Good and bad, beautiful and is made of all these moments. The company of the right person differentiates life from existence. Here, I have mentioned a few such incidents, musings and little stories that keep simmering in the figments of my imagination. Confabulating under the stars, time and again...I write. Not for the world to applaud but to express myself.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Being corny…

(This is only for people above 18 years of age. Though you shouldn’t be reading this otherwise but it’s up to you to take the final call.)

Rub it…rub it.

Pull it and straighten it out.

Yeah…that’s the way. Now come on, shove it in! Slowly. Don’t rush.

THIS is how one makes a wire pass through a circular disc to make a spinning wheel. What were you thinking?

Is it a flaw with the listener’s twisted mind or is it the fault of the speaker that what’s said and what’s interpreted are poles apart? Sometimes, it is a genuine lack of realization that gives rise to such situations. Like: “all of us crash at his place nowadays because things get easier when we’re sleeping with each other regularly.”

In this case, the context was that five people of a workgroup stayed over at the guy’s place whose house was the closest to office so that it was easier to come in on time everyday. But to someone who isn’t aware of what the reference is, such a statement can sound rather suggestive. I have found myself in such situations countless times. This is what someone I knew had to say about how to clean the grime that accumulates between the batteries and the steel plate, in a torch, resulting in an incomplete circuit: “pull it out. Blow it. Shake it a little and stick it back in.”

Sounds strange. I know.

Being a writer makes it worse. One is supposed to have more than one interpretation to every line written. Over a period of time, it just happens that dual meanings begin to appear from every side…in every statement. And to make matters absolutely terrible, this tendency to be corny is contagious. So one not only ends up being infected…but passing it on as well! Though, sometimes, being a little corny adds to the charm of what’s written and interpreted. I remember having read this print as by Neil French, a copywriter par excellence. It was for a cigar brand called Cigarillos. It read “Gentlemen like their companions brown, long, slim and ideally horizontal.”

I agree that is very open ended but that’s where the charm of the line was!

My boss was heard telling a trainee recently that it was important for him to perform every single time otherwise people would find someone else. I agree. As Little T often tells me, “you have a twisted mind!” I agree. But then, it isn’t exactly my fault, is it? I mean, seriously, I would love to think straight. I mean, get the right interpretation.

Though there is no judgement that I am passing about being corny, it is sad when a very well interpreted statement is wasted on someone who’s a little dim in the head…or maybe isn’t as “corrupted”. Those winks, the sly grins and all that laughter with lips pursed is something that results in a little relaxation when the atmosphere is a little tense.

Even brands are not spared. One day, recently, when I had gone to meet my lifeline...Little T, we went shopping. I saw this amazing pair of shades for her. But then, she wanted to look around a little more so while trying on the different pairs, she noticed that one particular brand was called "Push and Shove"! Ok then. I wonder what to push and shove. Nevertheless, sounded strange. And after all this time, I guess I have brushed off on my little angel cause it was she who noticed the brand. A general request to all budding entrepreneurs...please don't have such weird names to your brands!! Sheesh!

All said and done, written and read, being corny or not is a matter of individual choice but if you want to think corny, go right ahead. There is nothing wrong about it.



Whats in a name.......... said...

uhm uhm uhm,,,ahem ,,,ahem,,,ahem,,,

behind brown eyes... said...

well who better to write this than you!!! n corniness is contagious!!! its gotten into my head now thanks to you!!! horrible person...
but nevertheless, a pleasurable read (no, i am not being corny!)

Wizard OfCourse said...

@wian: are you done coughing and clearing your throat? i mean...were you that scandalised or that mesmerised?? :D
well...either is ok..but just these sounds leave everything very open ended!!
@behind brown eyes: thank you thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. turned me write more :D
and i never put anything into your head for sure...(err...THIS sounded corny indeed!)
are you sure you were not being corny? cause now that it has brushed off on never knows :D

Whats in a name.......... said...

wizard!! that was an innocent cough,,,no open ends here!! and yes u scandalised me!!lol

Wizard OfCourse said...

@mariya: innocent cough huh?! :P
and i am very happy that finally i could scandalise you. (Shahnaaz...are you reading this?)
by the way...Mariya...which part scandalised you the mosr?? hehe...

Whats in a name.......... said...

u corny u!!!!!!lol
stop it!!
crap!!! was that corny??? after this post of yours everything sounds corny to me!!! lol

Wizard OfCourse said...

damn! looks like someone is really really affected huh?? :-p
isn't it mariya??

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