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Month: March 2013

Free religious fiction Kindle books for 28 Mar 13

 Free books for Kindle   March 28, 2013 0 Comments

Seventh Dimension – The Door

by Lorilyn Roberts

This book is about our need for ultimate love and understanding. Set in today’s society where self-doubt, bullying, broken homes and brokenness is rampant, this book is a must read.

“Seventh Dimension – The Door” is a first-hand account of a young girl, Shale Snyder, who is treated unfairly by her family, school, and classmates. Fear distorts her sense of self-worth and she is enveloped with guilt because of a secret from her past.

While on a sojourn similar to Christian in “Pilgrim’s Progress,” Shale discovers talking animals and a handsome young man with whom she falls in love. Her journey is one of self-discovery as she battles personal demons, family conflict, wicked underlings, and comes face-to-face with a personal decision she must make – bound up in the king she meets in first century Israel.

Grace of a Different God

by Judith Nelson

What would you do if abuse forced you to run away from home at the age of sixteen? What if you had been hidden away all of your life in a reclusive cult, and knew little to nothing about the outside world? Would you know how to live on your own? Where to go? Whom you could trust?

Inspired by author Judith Nelson’s own experiences, this is the story of Grace McGonnell. Raised within an isolated cult of religious fundamentalists, Grace is pressured by her controlling mother to marry a fellow cult member over twice her age. When her protests fall on deaf ears, she and her friend Lydia run away to Los Angeles, where they are forced into a horrifying world of prostitution. Years later, Grace, now a successful attorney in Atlanta, is shocked to learn that her sixteen year old niece, still trapped within the cult, similarly is being forced to marry an older man – and that Grace’s mother, once again, is involved. Grace is determined to save her niece at any cost. Even if it means confronting a past that she would do anything to forget. Even if it means revealing, for the first time, the pain of that hidden past to her husband and children.

The result is a stunning story of survival and triumph. A story of learning how we each should live and choose to treat others, regardless of the circumstances in which we were raised. And ultimately, a story of the power of love to conquer pain, isolation and fear.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Contains mature language and situations. Please see our Facebook page for further information and discussion.

A Place Called Shiloh

by David Sweet

A Place Called Shiloh is the story of a man who is forced out of his village and into the desert, to search for a place that holds the key to his identity. What is his name? His purpose? Who are his people? Where did they come from and why are they here? Each character that he meets along the way will challenge him and provide answers and direction for his life.

Rock and A Hard Place (Cascade Brides Series)

by Bonnie Blythe

Book 1. The Three Sisters Mountains are part of the Cascade Mountain Range near the town of Sisters, Oregon. The peaks were named Faith, Hope, and Charity by early settlers. In the Cascade Brides series, three estranged siblings named for the mountains, each in the far-flung reaches of the state, are drawn back to their childhood home in Sisters by men who ultimately help the siblings realize the blessings of family bonds.

In Rock And A Hard Place, Faith Conrad is used to striving. After more or less raising her twin sisters because of an absent father and ailing mother, she knows the meaning of responsibility. She had to drop out of high school to pay the bills, hamstringing her future. When handsome Bureau of Land Management ranger Shane Zadopec rescues her from a rock climb gone wrong and reveals that he’s a photographer too, she feels threatened and rebuffs his attempts to get close. Will she ever picture them together? (Christian romance)

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

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Free horror Kindle books for 28 Mar 13

 Free books for Kindle   March 28, 2013 0 Comments

Welcome to Moon Hill

by Anthony J. Rapino

Welcome to Moon Hill: A collection of 19 stories, and a couple of surprises.

Moon Hill is a forgotten place that few purposely visit, and even less leave. Once you arrive, the deep dark of the forest creeps into your mind and will not relent. Strange flowers that grow from deer carcasses, murderous lunatics, talking ravens, wriggling parasites that induce eruptive confessions, and demons of every variety: they all live here too.

Even so, the residents of Moon Hill can feel, beyond the fear and distress, that this land is special and they are lucky to live here. Most everyone feels that way right up until the day they come a little too close to the magic of this place. When dusk’s light leaks through their carefully locked doors and rips holes in their minds.

Then, they pray for release.

–Welcome to Moon Hill.

High Moor

by Graeme Reynolds

When John Simpson hears of a bizarre animal attack in his old home town of High Moor, it stirs memories of a long forgotten horror. John knows the truth. A werewolf stalks the town once more, and on the night of the next full moon, the killing will begin again. He should know. He survived a werewolf attack in 1986, during the worst year of his life.

It’s 1986 and the town is gripped in terror after the mutilated corpse of a young boy is found in the woods. When Sergeant Steven Wilkinson begins an investigation, with the help of a specialist hunter, he soon realises that this is no ordinary animal attack. Werewolves are real, and the trail of bodies is just beginning, with young John and his friends smack in the middle of it.

Twenty years later, John returns to High Moor. The latest attack involved one of his childhood enemies, but there’s more going on than meets the eye. The consequences of his past actions, the reappearance of an old flame and a dying man who will either save or damn him are the least of his problems. The night of the full moon is approaching and time is running out.

But how can he hope to stop a werewolf, when every full moon he transforms into a bloodthirsty monster himself?

“Graeme Reynolds has written a real-deal werewolf story. In these dull days of nice, friendly lycanthropes, it is refreshing to see some brutality and animal instincts in what is a very fine British horror novel. Reynolds draws vivid pictures with words. His descriptions of High Moor the town is excellent, portraying an area in decay, one that suffered during the 1980s, and has yet to recover into the 21st century. The transformation scenes, where humans become wolves, are brilliantly done, and you can feel every crack of bone, every tear of flesh. High Moor is a worthy addition to the werewolf canon. – Thomas Emson, Author of Maneater, Prey, Skarlet, Krimson, Zombie Britannica”

Ripe for a film or TV adaptation and left open for a sequel, High Moor is an excellent example of great British writing that deserves to be read. – Starburst Magazine. 9/10

If you’re craving some good werewolf action with well-developed characters and a fantastic plot, skip the Hollywood films and go straight for this electrifying novel, which is far more entertaining. –

Graeme Reynolds has written a captivating, action packed, this-should-be-a-movie werewolf novel in High Moor and if this is going to be a series of some sort, count me in for the ride. It should be a fun one. –

This is an action filled horror novel that also has fully realized characters; the fact that Reynolds brings the characters to life so well just adds to the terror you feel as a reader. – The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog

It takes a writer of tremendous skill to imbue a an action packed novel with as much depth, as is displayed here. This book was a joy to read, not just for its ability to transport me back to a time gone by, but also because it is so well written. If this is the level of writing Graeme is capable of producing in a d̩but novel, then I for one cannot wait for his next novel. РGingernuts of Horror

FEVER DREAMS: A Bracken and Bledsoe Paranormal Mystery

by April Campbell Jones


Elliot Bledsoe has a university teaching career, a new screenwriting book, and a gorgeous fiance, Rita. He’s also a cynic with phobias about everything from Rita’s cat Garbanzo to drowning, but he’s learned to live with that.

Enter Katie Bracken, a paranormal investigator from New York who’s convinced that Elliot holds the secret to her latest case, the twenty-year-old disappearance in the Louisiana swamps of a kidnapped girl that the local officials never solved. Now the little girl seems to be haunting not only her mother and the local voodoo queen but Elliot as well! And to make matters worse, he is stuck with Garbanzo, his mortal enemy, when Rita decides to visit her parents and Katie harasses him into accompanying her to New Orleans and helping her investigate the case.

Is this the start of a beautiful romance or a horrible nightmare? Humorous, terrifying, realistic and filled with colorful characters, FEVER DREAMS is the first in the Bracken and Bledsoe Paranormal Mystery series and will make a believer out of you!

The second Bracken and Bledsoe Paranormal Mystery, NIGHT CHILLS, is now available exclusively in Kindle format at!

The Awakening (The Awakening Series)

by Lisa M. Lilly

THE AWAKENING — a “gem of a thriller with a huge concept that rivals Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code….”

“… an intelligent work that entertains while making the reader think…” 

Tara Spencer’s mysterious pregnancy sidetracks her plans for medical school. Her fiancé assumes she slept with someone else and severs all ties. Her parents question her mental health when she insists she’s never had sex. Only a stranger, Cyril Woods, accepts her claim that she’s still a virgin. The religious order that Cyril belongs to believes Tara’s child may be a new messiah, fulfilling signs in the Book of Revelation. But when Tara discovers the baby will be a girl, the order sees her as the mother of the anti-Christ who must be destroyed before she triggers the first stage of the Apocalypse. Uncertain whom to trust and afraid of endangering those she loves, Tara fights for her life as she seeks a safe place to give birth and the answer to whether she and her child are meant to save the world or destroy it.

What readers are saying:

“A well-written, suspenseful and terse thriller that made you want more. The characters were interesting and real and the underlying plot was fascinating.”

“This fast-paced, riveting tale will have you sneaking in moments to read a few more pages … then a few more.  The small (very real life) details and dialogue pull you in, and the story presents ancient themes and ideas in our current time frame—leading the reader to intriguing questions.  A great book club choice!”

The Dancer

by Byron Deane

Greg Banning is a psychologist who is called into work on the night of a patient’s death. The patient, Jack Kershaw, dies with a terrible secret buried in his past. Greg discovers that Jack was witness to a sickening arrangement of sexual slavery and murder. The events made Jack catatonic, driving him insane. As a homage to his patient, Greg attempts to put together the pieces of Jack’s life and finds himself caught in the same Hell that Jack knew of so many years ago. Greg ends up at the mercy of a sadist named Sam and Nadine, the captor of the Hell that drove Jack into madness. To understand his patient’s life and death, Greg must survive through the brutality that eventually reaches out to control his own life.


by Michael Edward

My name is Cedar. It should be known that I was not going to make the agreements. I liked all four of them. They are good people. They should have let me leave but they didn’t. Instead they carelessly spoke words without thought. It is not relevant that their words were spoken with innocent intentions. The words were still spoken. It also will not matter that they found help from the man known as the Professor. He will not be able to prevent the inevitable. I am a trader. That is what I do. I am returning and I will collect what they owe. Four promises were made. Four debts must be paid.

The Shadows and the Darkness – Tales of the Spiritual, Supernatural and Paranormal

by S.J. Byard


By international Crime Thriller author, columnist, competition judge, and literary tutor
Francis di Plino

All lovers of dark and enigmatic short stories should add this to their kindle. Don’t think dark and enigmatic indicates a depressing read, far from it; there are also stories for those who want the occasional hopeful (albeit not necessarily, happy) ending. The stories range from thought provoking and disturbing, to life affirming and optimistic. I wouldn’t class any of the stories as `standard’ tales. The author certainly knows how to take what appears to be a normal circumstance and turn it into something completely unexpected.

It is hard to pull out personal favourites when all the stories are so good, but if forced to choose, I’d pick: Life in a Heartbeat, Suffer the Children and Breath of a Fading Smile. This is a compilation I shall return to again and again and I can only urge others to buy it. You won’t be disappointed.


“And there are times when it feels like dying makes more sense than living”

Ten stories, ten different journeys – some touching, some shocking, through spiritual wonderment, to supernatural horror.

This is the first collection of short stories, in a new series from respected competition writer S. J. Byard

New Alpha Rising: Ascension Part I

by A.T. Russell

Countless years ago, measured in thousands, the Gods came first. Monstrous creations were born of their frivolity. Like the Gods, some of the creations were peaceful, others not. Their duty to preserve the earth completed once more, however, the day came that the Gods had to leave earth. Unleashed and with loose regulation, the abominable creations left behind multiplied. In their midst, another conception came to be, and his kind would exist absolutely outside of the God’s purview.
Unmated, alone, and untrusting of others, Chatran was charged to go to a place and protect the father of a great child, yet unborn. This duty, however, was unknown to the most cognizant part of Chatran. Only the Beast, who resided within him, knew. As a result, the Beast led Chatran to Walhalla, North Dakota. Although his initial charge was to protect the father he found there, Chatran also gained a mate and Pack. With them, Chatran also found a new way forward, and started on a course that would lead to – New Alpha Rising: Ascension.

The Chestnut Roaster

by Seth M. Baker

Now that his lover is dead, the Chestnut Roaster wants only one thing out of life: to trek to the snow-covered summit of the mountain that looms in the distance.

He would’ve started his journey years ago, but filial piety keeps him in the village that reviles him…until the day fate conspires to give him the freedom and the tools he needs to achieve his dream. But the mountain is treacherous and success may prove bittersweet.

How to be a Totally Awesome Zombie (How to be Totally Awesome)

by Travis Thornton

Melody Litton has taken a break from her traditional self-help books to pair up with Zombie expert, Travis Thornton, in producing this essential guide to understanding and planning for the not so distant future. The Zombie Apocalypse is coming. It’s time to prepare. While the rest of the world lives in fear and strives to protect themselves from what they see as an impending doom, those who read this guide will be ready to rise above that fear. They will be ready to create a future worth living: A future which embraces life as a zombie.

Dark Side of the Rainbow

by B.J. Myrick

Unforgettable short tales of dark fiction where–

A woman on the brink of madness plots evil revenge against local bully boys who killed her cats in The Dark Side of the Rainbow.

A woman inherits an Egyptian mummy with instructions for activating its powers and making her every wish come true. Then she learns the mummy has desires of his own in Kiss Mummy Goodnight.

A woman finds eternal love, the kind she never expected. Then her new lover buries her alive in The Seduction.

A woman’s search for her lost memory leads her down a dead-end road to a sinister old man in a barren pasture where she comes face to face with her destiny in Erasure.

A woman attacked by a gigantic five-foot spider searches for answers to the strange changes in her body and uncovers covert government research gone wrong in Lady In the Dark

Enter Sandman 2 (The Wall)

by Michael Edward

The legend of the wall.

Sign your name on the wall and the Sandman will come for you. He will offer three choices. Sacrifice yourself,sacrifice a loved one, or he will take both.

Johnny knows the legend is true but he doesn’t care. He is going to sign his name on the wall and this time it will be different. He doesn’t have any loved ones. The Sandman has already taken them so the Sandman can only come for him. With help, Johnny plans his revenge and when the time is right he will sign his name on the wall. Johnny will be ready and he will kill the Sandman.

Enter Sandman 2 continues the horror series The Wall

13 British Horror Stories

by Rayne Hall

Thirteen creepy, atmospheric stories by Rayne Hall, all set in Britain.

This collection includes:

Take me to St Roch’s
Never Leave Me
Double Rainbows
Through the Tunnel
The Devil You Know
I Dived the Pandora
Four Bony Hands
Druid Stones.
Only a Fool

The stories have been previously published in magazines, ezines, anthologies and collections. Some are also included in the Six Scary Tales books.

The words, spellings, grammar and punctuation are British English.

Prophecy (House of New Gods Series-Book 1)

by S.A. Geary

Second Edition (Published March 18th 2013)

(Author Hints: 16 and older for this book, for some sensuality, language, and horror themes)

Eighteen year old, Lina is destined to become the next reigning Queen of the most powerful Gods of Ancient Egypt. The only problem is she doesn’t know it yet.
After accepting an overseas job for an affluent and mysterious Egyptian couple, Lina is thrust into a whirlwind of questioning and doubt. As she delves deeper into this dark world and is seduced by her hosts unearthly beauty and unparalleled abilities Lina becomes more frightened than she’s ever been.
Unable to truly accept the truth of her past but also unwilling to leave it all behind Lina finds comfort in the arms of Will, a mansion employee with dangerously sexy eyes and a smile to die for. Though their budding romance is forbidden and could compromise their futures, neither Lina nor Will is able to give it up.
Just when Lina seems to have things figured out a threat forces her into the vicious hands of an ancient enemy hell bent on ending her short life before it’s really begun.

The Real Night of the Living Dead (Dead Memories Series, Book One)

by Mark Kramer

During the night of March 21st, 1951, many people died at Philadelphia State Hospital…Some more than once.

What started out as a simple medical experiment on an early spring evening turns the legendary mental hospital in Philadelphia into a breeding ground for the living dead. Veimer Stanton, an attendant at Byberry that night, tells his story of the events which took place.
Trapped in the center of the outbreak, Veimer decides to journey across the dangerous campus, through the increasing number of the undead, to save his girlfriend, a nurse, who may or may not have become a victim of the flesh eating maniacs. With the help of a few staff members and patients wanting to survive another day, Veimer struggles to fight his way to the other side, to his lover. Will he make it in time to rescue her before it’s too late?

Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead

by Jacob Prytherch

With the choice between the nightmare known and the nightmare unknown, it is the pull of the journey that drives Guy onwards, surrounded by a strange demonic family: the giant of aggression, the hideous shrinking man and the silent child. Together they travel from their lonely island home into a land of rain and blood, where the last remnants of humanity desperately hold on to the spark of life against a growing flood of the undead, and where either sanity or truth will finally be unravelled.

Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead is the second novel from Jacob Prytherch, author of The Binary Man.

Charlotte and the Hunting Man: A Tale of Horror

by Arthur Pendryll

Charlotte has been tormented and horrified by thought of the Hunting Man roaming free in the forest near her cottage. Nonetheless, she ventures out in the night, unable to resist the call of the wind and the forest. Too late, she realizes the Hunting Man is after her, and a night of terror follows. How can she survive? How can she get back to her cabin, and how can she live a life free of the torments of the unending hunt?
This ebook contains very graphic and disturbing images. An adult should read this content carefully to determine if it is appropriate for a child in that adult’s care.

Here is a preview:
She realized, with a strange sense of calm, that he was either going to find her or he wasn’t. If he didn’t find her, she might make it home. Or she might die. It was a strange sense of calm, a detached way of looking at things, and she was surprised that she wasn’t in an utter panic. Ultimately, the decisions were no longer Charlotte’s, and it gave her a strange comfort. The rest of the night would be up to him, and not her; and her removal from the equation was oddly helpful. Up in the tree, the breeze was cooler and more insistent, and she realized how desperately she loved the night air, loved to be out in it. Even if he found her and nearly killed her, she knew that another night would find her in the woods if she were able.
She wondered why the Hunting Man and others like him were so insistent on preying on her. Wondered why in these woods, in particular, did they seem to find joy in this kind of a hunt? Above all, she wondered why the hell, she’d decided to do this today. Why on this particular night had she gone out knowing the dangers? There were, probably thousands of safer nights. Probably, hundreds of nights she felt a stronger desire to leave her cabin. The Hunting Man wanted her tonight. This was the night she went out; this was the one, and she was paying for it now.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

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Free travel Kindle books for 28 Mar 13

 Free books for Kindle   March 28, 2013 0 Comments

Disney World Details: A Planet Explorers Game for Kids & Families

by Laura Schaefer

Have you ever walked around Walt Disney World and marveled at all the incredible details? The Disney Imagineers do an AMAZING job of making sure there is something special to see everywhere guests might look. If you and your family love noticing Disney Details during your days in the parks, or thinking about them when you return home from vacation, you’re going to love this Disney World Details game.

The rules are simple. All you have to do is look at the pictures on each page using a color-display ereader and figure out where they were taken. You can either try to find them in real time at Walt Disney World, or do some online sleuthing to determine where the photographer stood when she captured these fabulous Disney Details.

There are three levels. Level 1 is easy, Level 2 is medium, and Level 3 is difficult–for true Walt Disney World experts. Give yourself one point for every Level 1 correct answer, 2 points for every Level 2 correct answer, and 3 points for every correct Level 3 answer. The photos were all taken in Disney Resorts, Downtown Disney, or the four Walt Disney World theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Good luck!

Don’t miss the other titles in the exciting Planet Explorers series for 8-12 year-old travelers. There’s Planet Explorers Walt Disney World 2013, Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World Swimming Pools, Epcot, SeaWorld Orlando, Planet Explorers Disneyland, Disneyland Paris Resort, Planet Explorers London, Planet Explorers New York City, Planet Explorers Chicago, Planet Explorers Philadelphia, Planet Explorers Las Vegas, Planet Explorers Smithsonian, The Walt Disney World Character Finder, Universal Orlando Resort, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and LEGOLAND Florida. Have fun!

The Travel Free Guide To Boston: 103 Free Things To Do. (2013 Edition) (Travel Free Guidebooks)

by Daniel Davidson

Boston! One of America’s great cities, but boy is it expensive!

With this book, you can plan a low cost and action-packed trip to Beantown.

Many attractions waive entrance fees on certain days or to certain people. You just have to know when. It’s all in this book: free museum days, walking tours, dance performances, historical reenactments, wine tastings, public debates, free movies, dance parties, kids activities, free festivals, even Navy ship tours. For example:

– The church steeple made famous by Paul Revere (“one if by land, two if by sea”)
– The Freedom Trail: sixteen historic sites across Boston
– The USS Constitution
– Expansive city views from a downtown observation tower
– A three-story, multi-dimensional glass globe that takes visitors on an interactive journey through the history of ideas
– High-tech instruments to view the night sky from the roof of a Boston University building
– Live theater, including summertime Shakespeare plays, opera, and film
– Free concerts & recitals
– Free history tours, patriots celebrations, and festivals
– The list goes on and on and on and on

Did you know that Boston hosts historical reenactments of the start of the American Revolutionary War? You would if you bought this book!

This book includes 103 high quality, well researched FREE sightseeing attractions, music, events, museums, galleries, walks, tours, performances, festivals, and fun free things to do – things that are always free or sometimes free, or free with the purchase of something else. Inside are 65 free sightseeing attractions located within Boston proper and 38 within a short drive.


This book is not about discount travel. It’s about FREE travel and it will help you keep your money because:

1. It only includes free activities, events and attractions
2. It’s interactive (see below)
3. You will be notified of updates so you will always have the most current information


Each entry has a well-researched description, contact information (email, phone, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), color photos, and links to more information. If an attraction is not always free, I have listed times and dates when you can get free entrance, as well as the cost for when it is not free.

– You can click on a Google Map to get directions from your current location (great for smartphones).
– An interactive map shows all locations
– An appendix is full of free trip planning tools: the best websites, free apps, free podcasts, free walking tours, and more.

I strive to keep all information in this book updated, incorporate reader feedback like changes to attractions, entry times, free times, etc. If I make an update, I will ask Amazon to notify you so you can upgrade to the most current version.

With this book you’ll know all the days and times where you can get free entrance to the same experiences that tourists are paying top dollar for.

Enjoy Boston without the sucking sound in your wallet. This book could save you hundreds!!


– Introduction
– Free Music
– Free Historic Reenactments
– Free Museums
– Free Outdoor Activities
– Free Art, Literature, and Architecture
– Free Attractions, Activities & Entertainment
– Free Children & Family Activities
– Free Festivals and Parades
– Free Tours
– Markets
– Other Free Stuff


I am a travel writer and father of 3 kids. Talk about broke! I have to stretch my travel dollars.

I’m currently working on the Travel Free Guidebook Series and am on the lookout for free things to do in cool places. I write the Travel Free Guidebooks blog and Free Travel Ideas newsletter about free travel.

I believe that the less you spend on travel, the more you experience. Even in Boston, you can have a great cultural experience without paying through the nose.

Pigs, Peas and Poo: Raw Travel England (A Novella about a Wwoof Journey in the UK) (The Adventures of a Greenman)

by A Greenman

â??Forrest Gump’ cum â??Into the Wild’. ‘The Adventures of a Greenman’ is a series of novellas, about the raw travel experiences of a wanderer called Adam, who roams his way around the earth for a decade. Each are drawn entirely from actual events, and written in 3rd person, as literary non-fiction.

In this one: â??Pigs, Peas and Poo – Raw Travel England’, the adventurer travels his homeland for eight months, volunteering with the W.W.O.O.F movement (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), helping out at a dozen places throughout the UK, in exchange for his food and accommodation, plus infinite possibilities to learn.

Having â??wwoofed’ and wandered his way around the world, Adam then writes ‘The Practical Guide to Wwoofing’, and the guide is well received by the founder of the legendry organic farm volunteer movement, â??Sue Coppard’, who says that she finds it to be “A delightful and informative read, very accessibly and humanly written – it almost reads itself to you!”.

The novella â??Pigs, Peas and Poo’ rolls neatly into â??Sleeping on the Sand – Raw Travel Crete’, as the nomad sets off on an adventure, roaming the Greek island in search of more wild escapades.

Greenman is a dyslexic author of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction. In this series, there are reality novellas on his adventures in: Brazil, France, Spain, India, New Zealand, England, Wales, Eastern Europe, Crete and Italy. Collectively they form:

‘I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World’.

*This is not a guide, but a journey of self-discovery and often uninhibited creative expression.

A ‘BBC’ presenter recently said of him: “You are the person inside all of us that we wish we could let out from time to time, possibly the most spontaneous traveller I have ever met!”

(BBC Radio Berkshire. Sarah Walker, talking to A. Greenman during a live broadcast).

Though his work is edited, the author’s unique style of expressing words is not cut in order to be polished to an un-natural finish.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

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Free science Kindle books for 28 Mar 13

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by MH Teixeira Filho

The choice to write about my dogs’ lives did not happen because of a trend or any literary intentions. It was associated to a high inspiration: to found an organization focused on environmental education, taking as an example what we made in Fernando de Noronha archipelago after its transfer to civil administration. In this booklet, I focused on the history of my dogs that lived at Tamoio Farm, and at the same time told about my struggle to protect the environment, a fight to which we are all enlisted. Tango, Quixote, Chica, Caju and Ã?rsula with their conflicts, ability, rebellions and illnesses are the characters of this narrative to which they collaborated instinctively and with the peculiar authenticity of the breed. I don’t know anybody who likes pets that is not a severe defender of nature. There are feelings and actions that interact and complete themselves. And I was feeling and thinking in this way when I had the idea to report the behavior of my five canine friends and at the same time, talk about the Tamoio Institute of Environmental Education, the organization I dedicate myself to.

Truth in Dark Matter

by Lamas Kink Mojo

Have you ever wondered about Dark Matter and Dark Energy? Have you ever wondered what solving these mysters could lead to? Have you just wanted a new and fresh pespective on these concepts. This book delves into the wonder that is Dark Energy and Dark Matter offering new insight as to what these particles are or might be.


by Keith Williams

This is the story of amber, what it is and where it is found.

Mushroom Farming 21 Rules for Success

by Roby Jose Ciju

Mushroom farming has become very popular worldwide owing to the fact that mushroom farming is relatively easy and requires less space and less investment. Economic returns on investment are also high in mushroom farming. Mushroom farming is an attractive low-cost entrepreneurial option because mushrooms can successfully be grown by using even primitive farming technologies. This low technology approach to mushroom farming may be one of the reasons behind its popularity as a small scale farm enterprise.

Advanced Hydroponics Technologies

by Roby Jose Ciju

Modern advanced hydroponics grow systems combine one or more hydroponics systems into a highly efficient grow system unit to ensure higher yields and high quality of the produce. This fusion of different hydroponics technologies into a single advanced hydroponics grow system has made it possible to produce hydroponics crops on a commercial scale.

E-Business Models and Web Strategies for Agribusiness

by Roby Jose Ciju

The World Wide Web has huge potential to accelerate the growth of agribusiness sector of a nation, even more so when it comes to the economic performance of agricultural marketing systems. With the advent of the e-businesses and e-commercial transactions, the number of internet users who rely on internet for their buying and selling transactions has gone up considerably paving way for technological progress in agribusiness sector around the world. This book explores various e-business models and web strategies that enable small agribusinesses make a smooth transition from their traditional business models to modern day e-agribusiness models.


by Marycarol Soistman

A chance meeting on the beach, an encounter from the past, an idea in a restaurant; suddenly fate steps in and four people’s lives are forever changed; bonded by a friendship that will never end; and a project that will be a part of them-always.

Natural Home Remedies For Your Child and You: Natural Remedies for Common Health Conditions (Green Matters)

by Carolyn Stone

The author of the popular Green Matters series is back with another handy title to help you deal naturally with many of the common health conditions new parents face. Whether you are treating yourself or your infant, toddler or older child, this guide provides a range of natural treatments for many of the most common health issues that will crop up in the middle of your busy family life.

There is often no need to run to the doctor for prescription drugs, and no need for expensive products from the drug store. Learn how to treat issues such as diaper rash, thrush, teething problems and more with items you usually have right in your own kitchen.

Discover the hidden dangers lurking in many commonly used “baby products” and how to make your own safe, natural alternatives for pennies compared with what you are paying in stores for these chemical-laden products.

Learn how to deal with colds, flu, fever, sleeplessness, bad breath, headaches and migraines. Discover all-natural ways to deal with eczema, acne, depression, anxiety, and more.

Save time, money, and trial and error with the help of these effective natural remedies, and continue to make your move towards a more frugal and green home today with the help of this guide.

Word Count=19,500




Carolyn Stone is one of the main writers and editors for the popular health site, and the author of over four dozen health and self-help guides.

BLAH (Chatterbox volume 1)



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Free romance Kindle books for 28 Mar 13

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At Last (The Idle Point, Maine Stories)

by Barbara Bretton

She was his anchor.
He was her home.

Gracie Taylor fell in love with Noah Chase on the first day of kindergarten. Gracie was the girl from the wrong side of town. Noah was the town’s golden boy. Their families had been at loggerheads since the death of Gracie’s mother years ago and as they grew up, they had to risk everything to be together.

But it was worth it, because when they were together, nothing else mattered.

Then, on their wedding day, Gracie discovered a secret that sent her running from Idle Point, leaving Noah with a broken heart to match her own.

Now, eight years later, Gracie returns to Maine for her father’s wedding. When she discovers Noah has come home to Idle Point to save the family businessâ??and that he has a little daughter named Sophieâ??Gracie also discovers that nothing has changed. Their love for each other is stronger than ever, but the secrets that drove them apart still hold the power to ruin their lives.

Will past mistakes destroy their love or will they finally find happiness together… at last?

4 stars ~ The Romance Reader
Romantic Times Top Pick

“Very few romance writers create characters as well developed and realistic as Bretton’s. Her books pull you in and don’t let you leave until the last word is read.” ~Booklist (starred review)

“…a richly textured book”~ All About Romance

“…an emotional contemporary tale that hits the guts and heart with force.” ~Painted Rock

“A beautifully crafted variation on the plot of Romeo and Juliet that transforms tragedy into romance.” ~ Booklist

MORE TITLES by Barbara Bretton:
Midnight Lover – A Historical Western Romance
A Soft Place to Fall – a Shelter Cove, Maine novel
Just Like Heaven

Barbara Bretton is the USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of more than 40 books. Her novels have received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist and have been translated into twelve languages in over twenty countries. She lives with her husband in central New Jersey.

Talk Me Down From The Edge

by Jade Winters

Inseparable since the age of five, Sarah and Laura enjoy a picture perfect friendship, a friendship that is solid as a rock even as the two women marry, have kids and just seem to have it all. Then, life, like it always does, intrudes with uncertainties and confusion.

Sarah’s picture perfect world is suddenly shattered, as her husband leaves her abruptly, out of the blue, for no apparent reason at all. No amount of consolation from Laura seems to settle Sarah, who impulsively leaves for London, her hometown.

Separated by distance, the friendship seems to have ended, until it takes an unexpected turn, when Sarah returns to Dorset with her new found love. This time, it is Laura who is in despair, struggling with her marriage – facing an adversity that will test her inner most strength in ways that she would have never imagined.

Neanderthal seeks Human (Knitting in the City)

by Penny Reid

This is a full-length, 110k word novel and is the first book in the Knitting in the City series.

There are three things you need to know about Janie Morris: 1) She is incapable of engaging in a conversation without volunteering TMTI (Too Much Trivial Information), especially when she is unnerved, 2) No one unnerves her more than Quinn Sullivan, and 3) She doesn’t know how to knit.

After loosing her boyfriend, apartment, and job in the same day, Janie Morris can’t help wondering what new torment fate has in store. To her utter mortification, Quinn Sullivan- aka Sir McHotpants- witnesses it all then keeps turning up like a pair of shoes you lust after but can’t afford. The last thing she expects is for Quinn- the focus of her slightly, albeit harmless, stalkerish tenancies- to make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Building Blocks

by Sloan St.James

Building Blocks
A construction worker, devoted brother and beyond pigheaded. A school teacher, devoted daughter and stubborn as they come. Add three sisters that want their brother married, mix in a father that wants grandchildren even if he has to pay someone to marry his daughter and you have a story filled with love and laughter