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Guild Armorers are NPCs and members of the Guild Initiative. They accept coin in exchange for Guild Backpacks and Armor skins, which when applied to an existing armor of the same type will display your Guild Emblem. Guild Armorer Contract upgrade must be unlocked on your current guild.

Guild back item


Guild Initiative Headquarters, Guild Halls and World versus World, usually near the
Guild Banker (map icon).png
Guild Banker or
Guild Registrar (map icon).png
Guild Registrar. The Guild Armorer symbol appears above their head.
  • Armor Embosser: World versus World
  • Guild Initiative Representative (Guild Armorer): Guild Initiative Headquarters (Postern Ward), Lost Precipice (Heart of Maguuma), Gilded Hollow (Heart of Maguuma), Windswept Haven (Crystal Desert)


  • Your guild must have the Gui jltjzhhu. pandora charms à vendreld Armor Contract upgrade before these vendors will sell to you.
  • The emblem shown is that of the guild you are currently representing.
  • All Guild Armor and Weapons are Soulbound to the character that purchases them.
  • Guild Backpacks can be transmuted.
  • The Exotic version may be acquired as a reward from Guild Missions.


  • Guild Armorers in most cities were removed with the 23-Oct-2015 release of the Heart of Thorns expansion.
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