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    The Summer's End (Lowcountry Summer Book 3) by Mary Alice Monroe

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    Read Online and Download The Summer's End (Lowcountry Summer Book 3). Explore a new genre. Burn through a whole series in a weekend. Let Grammy award-winning narrators transform your commute. Broaden your horizons with an entirelibrary, all your own.

    In the powerful and heartwarming conclusion to her bestselling Lowcountry Summer trilogy, New York Times author Mary Alice Monroe brings her readers back to the charm and sultry beauty of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, toreveal how the pull of family bonds and true love is as strong and steady as the tides.

    It is summer’s end and Sea Breeze, the family’s beloved estate on Sullivan’s Island, must be sold. It is an emotional time of transition as Mamaw and the three sisters each must face loss and find a new place in the world.

    Harper, the youngest sister, arrived at Sea Breeze intending to stay only a weekend, but a rift with her wealthy, influential mother left her without direction or a home. During this remarkable summer, free from her mother’s tyranny andwith the help of her half sisters, Harper discovered her talents and independent spirit.

    But summer is ending, and the fate of Sea Breeze hinges on Harper’s courage to decide the course of her own life. To do so she must release her insecurities and recognize her newfound strengths. She must accept love fully into herlife—the love of Mamaw, Carson, and Dora, the love of Sea Breeze and the lowcountry, and most of all, the love of a Wounded Warrior who has claimed her heart.

    The third book in Mary Alice Monroe’s trilogy that brims with “stories that touch the mind and heart of her readers” (Huffington Post), The Summer’s End follows three half sisters bound by love for their grandmother and thetimeless beauty and traditions of the lowcountry.
    The Summer's End (Lowcountry Summer Book 3) by Mary Alice Monroe
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