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Scottish Words Illustrated

(E?)(L?) http://www.stooryduster.co.uk/

Scottish Words translated and Illustrated are added here weekly. Why Scottish words? They are full of attitude, great on the ear, emotive, and most are not too far from English which makes it globally accessible. Plus I hear and speak it every day. Perfect for the job. The latest Word here.

(E?)(L?) http://stooryduster.co.uk/archives/?archive_year=2017

1 Scottish Words in the 2017 archive

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13 Scottish Words in the 2016 archive

(E?)(L?) http://stooryduster.co.uk/archives/?archive_year=2015

3 Scottish Words in the 2015 archive

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27 Scottish Words in the 2012 archive

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50 Scottish Words in the 2011 archive

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49 Scottish Words in the 2010 archive