Olivia sighed as she watched the last ship leave Pandora from inside headquarters. So much had happened, so much destruction, so much pain. As V was about to turn and head toward the mass meeting, she watched as Rae disappeared into the woods. I'll check on her later. She needs the alone time right now. After deciding to talk to Rae later, V headed to the meeting. She knew she had been spared because she had fought to keep the humans from attacking, but she wasn't sure what she was going to do on this planet that was not made to support human life. Olivia also knew she couldn't return to Earth with those that hated the Na'vi. She wouldn't have made it back to Earth alive. There was also no reason for her to return. All of her family and friends were dead and she would have to build whole new life with nothing. No. It was best she stay here.

She got assigned to help with harvest. She shrugged. Her purpose before the war had been to befriend the Na'vi, learn about them, study their culture. Of course that had been under false pretense. They had been told the harvest of the rocks they were looking for would be be humane. It had all been a lie. Her knowledge of their culture was no longer needed. A lot of them were dead and the ones that remind were skeptical of humans at best. Now, all she could do was help in anyway she could.

V left the mass meeting to find the other man that was in charge of harvest. She wondered into the bio lab and watched as the man fell to the floor, along with the tablet he had been using to find information. She smirked at his private joke then walked across to him as he sat a computer.

"Hey... Travis right? I've been assigned to help you. Afraid I can't do much as my specialty is just the study of culture, but I will do what I can." V smiled weakly and sat beside him waiting for his response.