Grianghraf Skerries
Grianghraf Skerries
Grianghraf Skerries
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Wallabies on Lambay Island
Skerries North Shore, right now.
Just when we thought it was all over, this glorious summer evening (and yeah, the harbour pubs and restaurants are already buzzin')... #LoveSkerries
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ALONE, the charity supporting older people to stay at home, urgently need volunteers to provide an hour’s weekly companionship to older people in their own homes in North Dublin. We are looking for kind and caring individuals that can commit to this for at least a year, and would like to make a real difference to the lives of isolated and lonely older people.
We are holding training in Skerries on Tuesday 5th December in Skerries Community Centre, 6.30pm – 8pm.

Supporting older people to age at home
Chuir Skerries 2 ghrianghraf nua suas.
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The beautiful bouquet left by Wisteria Skerries outside Skerries News for #irishlonelybouquet day has just been picked up by Olivia Walker. She is delighted with it and says it is 'only gorgeous'. There are still lots more around Skerries. Look for clues at Wisteria Skerries

Grianghraf Skerries
Grianghraf Skerries
Féach Iad Uile
180 Reviews
Cuir do thuairim in iúl do dhaoine eile
Clodagh Rodgers
· 11 Meitheamh 2017
Gr8 place to gro
W up in, and live.I'd hate to leave it. Gr8 atmosphere, say time odd years ago
When two fishermen were lost. The walk of Solidarity is one tim...e really sticks in my mind, looking from Red Island along beash, line of people as far as the eye could see. Awe inspiring, how people came out to give support. Féach tuilleadh
Aga Daly
· 10 Samhain 2017
best ever, current, informative, interesting, all you need!
Alan Murray
· 16 Márta 2014
If you are lucky enough to have been born in Skerries,it does not matter where in the world you live or how long you have been away,your heart will always be in... Skerries. Even though i have lived in the UK for over 20 years, when i return to Skerries i do not feel like i am on holidays,i feel like i am coming home. Féach tuilleadh
Alex Weckerle
· 4 Bealtaine 2014
I'm from germany and visit Skerries last year. We arrived in Skerries at 9.00 am, walked along the beach for hours, visit Skerrie Mills ans a lot of another lan...dmark building. When we're back in germany we felt bad and we decided to live in Ireland forever in a few years. Ireland is marvelous but Skerries has a great appeal and we miss that lovely place all the time. In June we're going to visit Skerries for the 3rd time. Wish we never go away from Skerries. We love it !!! Féach tuilleadh
Lynne Cregg Guinan
· 10 Eanáir 2015
Born in Skerries but have lived in Canada for 35 years. Skerries is still home and always will be. Home is where the heart is. Beautiful town and the best people.
Connor Magunnigle
· 22 Meán Fómhair 2017
Chilled gaf
Dylan Casey
· 6 Lúnasa 2017
Dead chickens along a main road � weird flies in the area , Balbriggan 4 Life x
Tom Carroll
· 22 Meán Fómhair 2017
Some buzz.
Ian Richter
· 28 Iúil 2013
I'm from Montreal and have been living in Skerries for going on five years. It's a brilliant place, especially if you're an artist of any sort. If the weather's nice, there is no place I'd rather be!
Danny O'Donovan
· 3 Feabhra 2016
Awesome place. My mother-in-law Irene lives in Skerries and her daughter Edith from America is visiting her at the moment. Probably going to Nealon's later. Tom...orrow probably to the Stoop. Our son Paul and his friend Tyler visited from the US and spent all their money and time between the Bus Bar and Paddy Powers. Great place. Efith's sister lives there. Féach tuilleadh
Lorna Kee
· 7 Aibreán 2016
Emily and David are fantastic in Skerries News with a wealth of information about what is going on around Skerries. They are also excellent at supporting Local Business. Thank you guys.
Maxi Mc Carthy
· 1 Nollaig 2016
Constantly work hard to serve the Skerries community and very supportive to local business.
Marty Hawkins
· 13 Iúil 2014
Beautiful harbor town - have been there in 2011 and 2013 with my wife. Wonderful people, made me feel at home. I would one day love to move to Ireland and would love to live in Skerries.
Gerard Wheatley
· 24 Meitheamh 2015
Always spent our holidays in Skerries as a child, years later we brought our children out to Skerries, they also have very fond memories of Skerries. Spent a lovely few hours there just last Monday, a beautiful place.
Sandra Sweetman
· 19 Lúnasa 2014
From neighbouring Rush went to School in Holy Faith De La Salle, Skerries Community College from 1989 - 1994. 20 year Reunion on the 12 September 2014- Ollie's Place at 20.00 hr. Former pupils & Teachers welcome!
Jessica Brady Dolphin
· 20 Nollaig 2013
Can't quite explain why I love Skerries - perhaps because it is understated and because people are friendly. Obviously the sea is a huge bonus ♡
Rosie Murphy
· 29 Nollaig 2015
Beautiful town then coming back to balbriggan would depress you
Howard Dee Crean
· 30 Márta 2014
Travelled around and lived away and continue to do so but Skerries is ALWAYS Home!
Lynda Macmorrow
· 4 Eanáir 2014
Love to visit and walk around the head to blow the cobwebs off
Mary.Theresa McDermott
· 21 Meitheamh 2014
Beautiful . I am a blowin the people friendly and will always say hallo
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Roinn Skerries teachtaireacht de chuid Goat in the Boat
Inné ag 05:35

Celebrity Artwork in Goat in the Boat for Focus Ireland this Wednesday..

Goat in the Boat
23 Samhain ag 06:51

On Wednesday 29th of November, in collaboration with Focus Ireland we are hosting a night here in Goat in the Boat. We will be displaying celebrity artwork that... will be up for silent auction on the night. Enjoy complimentary mulled wine, prosecco, minced pies & 10% off everything from 6-8:30pm!…/

Féach tuilleadh
There’s a celeb Art Exhibition next week in aid of an amazing cause
A great idea!
Tuilleadh Eolais
Inné ag 05:33

VIA: Standbyme
Christmas is coming and Standbyme would like to take away the stress of cooking for our Goldies and Families...we would love to offer you a free Christmas dinner delivered to your door between 12pm and 2pm on Christmas day - bring a friend....Please Please spread the word.....and share this post.....Many, many thanks and keep Anne on 0831563595

Grianghraf Skerries