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pandora osta verkossaitem-description">Lacie is the younger sibling of Oswald the last traditional Glen. but since Lacie is a child of Ill omen she sees it differently and she believes so many lies are true, Lacie also meets up with Jack(u) Vessulias the third son of his family (had to t...

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Family Fight

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The child was it? 

No it couldn't be! I was sitting on the damp grass and the child with golden hair and one red eye with the other green stood there he looked as If he were crying I stood up and spoke." Are you Vincent?"

"LACIE!" I turned around to see Oswald running towards me I quickly dodged his hug and knocked him over.

"WHY DID YOU LOCK ME IN THAT TOWER, WHO THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU?!" I yelled as I kicked him in the back soon I heard footsteps and I saw Jack and Levi I quickly got off Oswald and smiled innocently


 "Yes master I'm fine." I then for some reason kicked Oswald in the face.

"oops sorry Oswald I, thought I saw a spider on your face." 

Levi and Jack just looked at each other until Levi told us that we had to get back to the manor, the child just stood there I looked back but he had disappeared. 

Back at the bakersvile manor I retreated to my room a little tipsy and a lot tired as I collapsed on my bed the door opened and Jack walked in."

 whaggxjskjt doimnhdsc you want." (not even caring that my face was in my pillow) Jack started to laugh." hahahahaha the reason I wanted to talk to you was.. Lacie?" I had fallen asleep and nearly fell of the bed."mrrrrrrrrrrrr."." PPFFFFFFFT Hahahahhahahahhahaha." I was too tired to even notice the laughter.

 When I woke up I was on the floor and Jack was laying right next to me snoring and mumbling to himself things like "mrrrrrrrrrrrr Lacie rrrr will you be mine?" "rrrforeverrforr my names isnetJacku rrrrrrrr." and other things, I poked him with my finger and he let out a loud snore I decided I'd go and eat breakfast, once down the stairs (without falling) I went over to the table and surprisingly breakfast was on the table." strange there's a rose on it and a note." I looked at the note and it read.

"Dear Lacie, I hope that you have gotten this note (scented with a 100,000 bit perfume) enjoy breakfast, my lovely~

Levi, Bakersvile."

I sat there for at least forever when I saw Jacku's long braided hair swing back and forth."Hey babe girl!" I looked up and saw Jacks "sexy" face and nearly punched his face," GOSH DARN YOU JACK!"

" :C I'm sorry." but before I got up Levi and jack both tried to kiss me but instead they kissed EACH OTHER." PFFFFFFFFFFFFT HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Jacku and Levi's face were so red even Oswald's daily cup of blood wasn't that red.

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  • Monday Nov 13 | via Putnam County Sentinel 

    Henrietta M. Schumacher

    Henrietta M. Schumacher, 94, passed away on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at the Hilty Memorial Home, Pandora. Henrietta was born December 14, 1922 in Putnam County to the late Orlin and Kathryn Schumacher. Comment?

  • Thursday Nov 2 | via Putnam County Sentinel 

    H. Dorel Plankenhorn

    H. Dorel Plankenhorn, beloved to all, peacefully passed away at 3:23pm, on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, at Hilty Memorial Home, Pandora. He was born February 6, 1934 in Findlay, to the late Hubert and Naomi Plankenhorn. Comment?